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All videos/DVDs shown in the classroom must be for face-to-face instructional use. Videos may not be shown for reward, entertainment, or after school care unless the license specifically addresses those issues.

Teacher Movie Request:

Please follow each of the specific guidelines in order to request showing a movie in class:

  • Teachers must request approval from the school principal to show PG movies at schools.
  • Teachers may utilize the “Movie Information Form” to notify administrators of the purpose and content of the movie being requested.
  • A teacher must request permission, in writing, prior to utilizing the PG or PG-13 rated movie at school.
  • Parents must submit a signed parent permission form prior to students viewing movies with a PG or PG-13 rating.
  • Only movies shown for educational purposes are allowed based on Fair Use Rules, unless copyright permission has been obtained.

Principal approval is only allowed for the current school year and must be obtained for showings in subsequent years.

Parental Permission Forms

Please follow each of the specific guidelines when distributing parent permission forms for a movie:

  • District procedure for movie approvals indicates all teachers should provide parents with a parent permission form with the complete title of the requested movie listed.
  • Only one title may be listed per form.
  • No forms should be submitted without a specific title.
  • No blanket permissions are permitted- only one movie per permission form is allowed.
  • Complete a separate form for each movie that has been approved by administration.
  • Non-rated films that contain profanity, violence, nudity, or sexual content must be approved by your school level administrator and a PG-13 form should be completed.
  • PG-13 movies may not be shown to students under 13 years of age under any circumstances.
  • No “R” rated movies or portions of those movies are permitted to be shown in the St. Johns County School District.
  • Parents may request an alternative assignment, in writing, in lieu of signing the permission form.

The appropriate form below must be signed, by a parent/guardian, for students in elementary, middle,and high schools to view movies with PG, PG-13 movies, or TV-14 Videos/DVDs.


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