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RB Hunt Extended Day

         The Extended Day Program is on a waitlist. If you would like to be added to the waitlist please:

        Complete the Waitlist Form HERE

We will notify you if a space becomes available, but a space is not guaranteed.

Candice Goodwin, Coordinator  

[email protected]

(904) 547-7973 before 3PM or (904) 547-7960 after 3PM


The R.B. Hunt Extended Day Program provides before and after school care for all students on a first come, first serve basis. The Extended Day team is committed to providing a safe, fun, socially and academically engaging environment for your children!  Students enrolled in morning care will enjoy starting their day with friends in the cafeteria where they will be able to eat their breakfast from home or purchase breakfast from the cafeteria when they open to morning care students – Additional information for school breakfast can be found HERE

In the afternoon, children are grouped by age and grade.  Each group contains 20-25 students.  Students are dismissed to extended day when school ends and must be picked up by 6:00PM.  There is a schedule that each group follows which includes snack, homework quiet time, the planned activity of the day, and outside and indoor play time. Our activities coincide with your child’s age and grade level.  Weekly activities include, but are not limited to, arts & crafts, S.T.E.A.M challenges and projects, food activities, organized sports, movement and fitness, and a free day on Friday. 


Morning care begins at 6:45AM and students dismiss to class at 7:45AM. Your child(ren) must be signed in daily by the person dropping off.   


Afternoon care begins when school dismisses. Students must be picked-up and signed out from the front office NO LATER THAN 6:00PM, by someone on their approved pick-up list. Please inform all parties on your approved list to provide a picture ID at pick-up.  Students will not be released to those not on the list or those who cannot provide ID.  Students will not be released to walk or ride bikes home without an escort from the approved pick-up list. 


Each student must be picked-up and signed out by 6:00PM.  Anyone picking up after 6:00PM will be asked to sign a late pick-up sheet and will be charged $1.00 per minute until the pick-up person’s arrival. We recognize that circumstances may arise and cause an unavoidable late pick-up.  We extend our understanding by offering you three (3) excused late pick-ups.  After three (3) late pick-ups you will be asked to make other arrangements for after school care that better suit your needs.  Please make alternate arrangements with family, friends, or neighbors in the event of an emergency.


A non-refundable registration fee will be collected annually with registration forms. This fee covers administrative costs associated with the program. Registration fee is $75 per child.  If you wish to re-enroll in the program later in the year and space is available, you will not be required to pay another registration fee. Registration Fees can be paid via check made out to R.B. Hunt Extended Day, cash or schoolpay – 


Florida State Law requires that all services be paid in full prior to services being provided. Payments are due on the 15th of every month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment must be received on the business day before the 15thA $30 late fee will be applied on the 16th of the month.  Payments not received by next billing cycle will result in the removal from the Extended Day Program. 

You are required to pay on time regardless of whether you have received a monthly statement. Receipts/Statements are available upon request. At the end of the tax year, you will receive a tax statement, which will reflect all payments made to the Extended Day Program.

Payments can be made online at, by check, or cash. Checks should be made payable to, R.B Hunt Extended Day. *Please notate child(ren) name(s) in the memo line and have two phone numbers listed.