The R. B. Hunt Extended Day Program

The R. B. Hunt Extended Day Program
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Registration and Monthly Fees

Registration Fees: All students enrolled for Afternoon Care only or Morning & Afternoon Care are required to pay a yearly $50.00 registration fee. All students enrolled for Daily, Morning Only, enrichment programs, workshops or special services are required to pay a yearly $35.00 registration fee. Registration fees are non-refundable. Extended day care is available on all days R. B. Hunt School is in session: 180 days, 36 weeks, 10 months, per year. Extended Day is not available on school holidays. We offer Afternoon Care (2:50-6:00) Morning Care (6:45-7:45) and both Morning and Afternoon Care. Attending 3-5 days per week is considered full time and therefore, subject to full time fees. We offer discounts for siblings and for families who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Please contact Waynette Abbatinozzi for additional information.
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Who We Are

Our staff is dedicated to providing you and your child with the best possible care through enrichment activities and special interests in a safe and caring environment. We are in constant communication with each other via walkie-talkies for safety, security and convenience.

Daily Activities

Each extended day group consists of up to 25 students per supervisor. Each day, students are offered a choice of activities to participate in for a 50 minute activity period. Activity choices may include arts and crafts, organized sports, supervised games, coloring, story time, cooking/baking and many others. Children are provided with a daily snack and juice and will have the opportunity for up to a half an hour of free play immediately following the school day.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities will begin after September 1st and require pre registration. enrichment activities are elective, not mandatory, and are subject to extra fees. Enrichment activities are open to all students of R. B. Hunt. Space is limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis. The following enrichment programs are currently available: Contracted activities – a list of available activities coming soon! Workshops range from 6-12 weeks depending on the type of workshop offered. These may include workshops in Art, Drama, Music, Foreign Languages, Internet, etc. Workshop fees and schedules will be announced as they become available. Tutoring – The Extended Day Program offers the following tutoring: Individual Tutoring; provides one on one instruction by a certified teacher and is available by the hour or half hour.