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Volunteer Information

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The School District welcomes and encourages individuals to volunteer their time to serve the students and employees of the District. However, serving as a volunteer is a privilege. As such, it is in the sole discretion of the School District whether an individual can serve, and continues to serve, as a volunteer. School volunteers may include, but are not limited to, parents, senior citizens and students who serve without compensation in the School District. All potential volunteers are required to complete a St. Johns County School District Volunteer Application Form. All potential volunteers are subject to a criminal background check, and screening procedures are based on the type of volunteer activity and student contact.

You must be a registered volunteer in order to accompany your child for lunch as well as participate in classroom activities and field trips.

Due to district policy, exceptions are not permitted. School Access Form can be found at:

Remember, volunteer applications are good for 3 years and you only need to make application one time. If you would like to check the status of your application, or see if your volunteer status has expired, please call Ms. Madeline Rivera in the front office.


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