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Keep library books in your backpack!
Icon representing person reading book Parental Choice Library Book Restriction Form
Parents may utilize this form to restrict titles their child may check out in the school library. Please complete the form and return it to your child's teacher or librarian. This form is only required when a parent is seeking to restrict access to materials in the media center.

Media Center Information

Our media center serves about 600 students and 75 faculty and staff members. Every class visits the library once a week for a scheduled lesson or independent reading time.

Hours of Operation:  The media center is open for students to visit with their scheduled classes, at this time. Students are encouraged to use Destiny to reserve books 24/7, simply log in using Active Directory (s# and password). Available books put on hold are delivered to classroom teachers as soon as they are available.

Checkout: Please encourage your children to take care of the library books they borrow, keeping them safely in a protective bag/case within their backpack, returning them on time and in good condition so they are available for others to read.

Media Center Staff

Stephanie Nehemias
Library Media Specialist

Patience Atteberry
Library Media Paraprofessional

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