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Our media center serves about 600 students and 75 faculty and staff members. Every class visits the library once a week for a scheduled lesson or independent reading time.

Hours of Operation:  The media center is open for students to visit with their scheduled classes, as well as during the school day. Students are encouraged to use Destiny to reserve books 24/7, simply log in using s# and password. Books are delivered to classroom teachers as soon as they are available.

Checkout: Please encourage your children to take care of the library books they borrow, keeping them safely in a protective bag/case within their backpack, returning them on time and in good condition so they are available for others to read. This year (2020-2021) all returned books will be isolated before returning to the shelves.

Stephanie Nehemias, Library Media Specialist & Patience Atteberry, Library Media Paraprofessional

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