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Safer, Smarter Kids Vocabulary- Kindergarten and First Grade

Grown-Up Buddies – Trusted adults who are old enough to drive and who help a child to be safe.

Guiding Voice – Everyone has a Guiding Voice inside of them. This is the voice that either reminds you of things or helps you realize that you’re feeling confused, nervous or uncomfortable – whatever those feelings may be. You should always listen and tell someone in your Trusted Triangle if you realize that you are feeling confused, nervous or uncomfortable.

Personal Space – The space around a person’s body that belongs to us. Nobody should be going into our personal space without our permission, because our bodies belong to us.

Private Parts – The parts of our body covered by our bathing suit.

Trusted Triangle – Three or more trusted adults who children can turn to that will keep them safe.

Safety Stop Sign – Reminds children that they always have the ability to say “no” in a situation that makes them feel unsafe.

Think, Feel, Act – Encourages students to think about what is going on, determine how they feel about it and then act.

Trusted Triangle – Three trusted adults who children can turn to that will keep them safe.

I Mean Business Voice – A voice that is different from your child’s usual speaking voice that helps establish authority.

Secret Star – Helps your child figure out if a secret is safe or unsafe. A safe secret is one that is eventually told and that makes everyone happy. An unsafe secret is one that makes you feel confused, “icky,” or bad and you are told not to tell.

Speak Bubble – Helps children determine the difference between reporting and tattling. When it comes to unsafe secrets or behaviors, we always report them.

Stranger Decider – Defines who a stranger is: anyone your child doesn’t know well. This reminds children that a stranger isn’t defined by their looks, but rather how well your child knows them. And – even with people we know – we listen to our Guiding Voice if something makes us feel unsafe or uncomfortable.