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Safer Smarter Kids, Third Grade Vocabulary

Bystander – A bystander is one who witnesses a wrongdoing or knows about a wrongdoing that is happening to someone and does not help or tell a grown-up.

Guiding Voice – Everyone has a Guiding Voice inside of them. This is the voice that either reminds you of things or helps you realize that you’re feeling confused, nervous or uncomfortable – whatever those feelings may be. You should always listen and tell someone in your Trusted Triangle if you realize that you are feeling confused, nervous or uncomfortable.

I Mean Business Voice – We use our I Mean Business Voice any time we need our voice to be heard in any situation where we don’t feel safe.

Internet Safety – Responsible and safe use of the Internet and being careful about how we behave, communicate and share things online.

P.L.A.N. – Permission, Location, Activity, Names and Numbers of people you are with. First, get Permission from the grown-up in charge of you. Next, tell the Location where you will be. Then, let the grown-up in charge of you know what the Activity will be. Finally, give the Names and phone Numbers of the people who are with you.

Safety Goggles – Safety Goggles teach us to assess our surroundings by teaching us to focus on situations and make safe decisions.

Safety Stop Sign – The Safety Stop Sign represents our ability to say “no” in a situation that makes us feel unsafe.

Secret Gauge – Your Secret Gauge is always with you and helps you decide if a secret is safe or unsafe. A safe secret is one that is meant to be told and will make everyone smile when it is told. An unsafe secret is one that is not meant to be told and makes you feel uncomfortable. Never keep an unsafe secret.

Tattling vs. Reporting – Reporting is something that involves a threat to safety, while tattling does not.

Think, Feel, Act – TFA is Think, Feel, Act. Think about a situation, how it makes you feel, and what action you should take to keep yourself safe.

Trusted Triangle – A Trusted Triangle is made up of trusted adults who are old enough to drive and who you can tell anything to. One person in your Trusted Triangle should be a person not in your family.

Victim – A victim is one who is hurt or threatened by a wrongdoer.

Wrongdoer – A wrongdoer is anyone who does something that is unsafe that may affect them or somebody else.

Wrongdoing – A wrongdoing is an unsafe behavior or action.