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Safer, Smarter Kids Vocabulary- Second Grade

Personal Space – The space around a person’s body that belongs to us. Nobody should be going into our personal space without our permission, because our bodies belong to us.

P.L.A.N.-Permission, Location, Activity, Names and Numbers.  You should never change your P.L.A.N. without getting the permission of one of  your Trusted Adults.

Safety Goggles-reminds children to keep their eyes open and always pay attention to their surroundings.

Secret Gauge-helps your child figure out if a secret is safe or unsafe. A safe secret is one that is meant to be told and will make everyone smile. An unsafe secret is one that will never be told and makes you feel confused and unsafe or makes you worry about the safety of others.

Body Boundaries- Everyone has Body Boundaries that should be respected by people and that everyone is entitled to their privacy.  Everyone has their own idea of what their personal space is and what they feel comfortable with.  We must respect these boundaries.

Safety Barometer-helps your child asses the safety of a situation and helps them gauge their feelings. The Safety Barometer helps children understand when they need to calm down in order to think clearly to solve a situation.



Note:  Students will also be introduced to the vocabulary in Kindergarten and First Grade as well.